Guejar Sierra? Where is that place?

Guejar Sierra Sierra Nevada Granada
Photo taken from Luis Ordoñez Ballesteros. Thanks a lot for allowing us its reproduction. This is also Guejar Sierra. Campos de Otero.

Guejar Sierra, right in the center of the Sierra Nevada National Park is the hidden treasure of Sierra Nevada. Infinite views, millions of activities to do. The wildest part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

In the same way than the ski station does not say that is only 20 minutes away from the big city of Granada, very few places say that Guejar Sierra it is the hard core of Sierra Nevada.

Come, visit us and enjoy.

sierra nevada granada guejar sierra
Photo taken from Luis Ordoñez Ballesteros. Cortijo del Hornillo. Guejar Sierra. In the center back you can see Alcazaba peak.


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